Before the oil treatment, the surface must be cleaned and thoroughly sanded with sandpaper in 100 or 120 grain quality. We recommend dampening the wood surface with the use of a spray bottle, so that the wood fibers may straighten up and, thus, absorb more oil.

day 1:

treatment of floor Once the watered surface is dry, you want to apply a generous amount of oil on the surface. The oil must be rubbed in thoroughly with the white pad. After about 20 minutes you be sure to remove any excess oil using a lint-free cotton cloth. The level of pigmentation or glow can be controlled by polishing the surface until desired effect is met. If you remove too much pigment, just apply more oil to the surface and, after briefly waiting, the surface may be polished harder or softer. Depending on the desired colour. All excess oil must be removed within the first hour of exposure.


day 2:

treatment of floor oil at the bottomThe surface should be treated and polished just as the previous day with oil. After 5 minutes, any excess oil should be removed with a lint-free cotton cloth. The cotton cloth may also be mounted to a sanding machine or buffer. Oak woods, should be carefully buffered or polished between treatments.






coloured floor oil for our living roomThe floor or furniture piece can be carefully put in place for use after drying for at least 3 days. After hardened oil treatment, allow at least 10-14 days.









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