Le Tonkinois - A paint for high traffic areas


Le TonkinoisTonkin varnish or Tung oil varnish is a varnish which is ideal for floors, stairs, Furniture and is suitable for all areas subjected to high traffic. It is an abrasion resistant, shatter-proof, durable paint that can be easily cleaned. It is also hypoallergenic. Tonkin varnish which is derived from the French term “Le Tonkinois” which simply means “suitable for wood surfaces,” and works best in places the must sustain permanent temperature changes and high humidity. The indoor climate will not be affected by the cured varnish coating. Today, even the French Navy uses Tonkin oil varnish in order to weatherproof their ships.

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Linseed oil per se, even the boiled linseed oil remains relatively soft. If you are looking for a material that is resistant to abrasion, impact, and heightened subsequent variations in both temperature and weather conditions, then Tonkin varnish “Le Tonkinois” is recommended. Tonkin varnish consists of a mixture of refined linseed oil as well as Chinese Tung oil. Tung oil, also called Chinese wood oil ensures the durability of linseed oil. Tung oil, itself, is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of Tung or Abrasion trees. This oil oxidation is similar to linseed oil, except that it hardens quicker, thereby forming a rather resinous, harder surface. When both linseed oil and Tung oil are combined the result is luster, or shine, as well as a resistance to high traffic contact resistance. Indoor and outdoor Tonkin oil varnish is an ideal solution for all types of wood. It preserves the surface and warmth of the wood it is applied to, even under harsh weather conditions. The application of Tonkin oil upon light-wood surfaces, one should note that the Tonkin oil enhances the wood’s natural golden-yellow inherent color significantly. “Le Tonkinois” is ultra- violet or UV-resistant, as well as non-fading and easy to use. It is free from aromatic, ethereal, and chlorinated solvents, but also includes benzene as a dilute. Paints with Tonkin oil have a shiny appearance or glow. The gloss level can be heightened, intensified or even adjusted simply by sanding it with fine- grained sandpaper. The addition of the matting agent “Gelomat” allows Tonkin oil to achieve its satin- like appearance or matt gloss. Tonkin oil has proven itself as a wood preservative, floor and marine paint. However, Tonkin is also ideally suited as a protective coat for metals. Depending on the substrate or surface and conditions, up to 2-4 coats may be required. Tonkin oil becomes dust-dry after only about 2 hours, bonded or hardened after 8 hrs. A second coat may be applied after only 24hrs. “Le Tonkinois” lasts on average for up to 20m2 per liter. For other Application notes and tips, refer to the “Applications” section of this Website.

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