What are the benefits of linseed oil Paint?

  • Linseed oil paint contains no solvents and is free of unnecessary fillers
  • Linseed oil paint is suitable for most allergy sufferers, since no additional chemicals are added
  • It is versatile and can be applied to almost all surfaces, even already painted surfaces
  • Linseed oil paint retains its colour intensity over many years without fading or dulling
  • It is permeable and allows the material to breath
  • Linseed oil paint prevents the unwanted accumulation of multiple layers of paint which surmount due to repeated refinishing, which then peel off—a trait often observed in typically modern, industrially produced colour products.
  • It is durable and amends light effects to its surface due to wind and weather. After 8-12 years simply refresh the coat.
  • It is soft and smooth, allowing it easily adapt to the structures of wood and masonry
  • The paste has a long shelf life and is usable even after many years of storage
  • Linseed oil paint usually covers completely after just three coats
  • Linseed oil paint can cover from 10 to 15 m2 per liter of paint
  • No unnecessary waste – You only need to prepare the amount needed
  • All pastes are prepared as base colour. Nothing synthetic is added. We produce and store about 50 different pastes which we gather from pure pigments which all have their uniquely own beautiful colour properties, respectively. These can then be mixed together as desired. This allows you to control the colour intensity and hue. It also lasts over years. 

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