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Floor Soap White For Wooden Floors

Soap finish to protect wooden floors.

Our natural soap is a concentrated soap with wax and white pigment.

Wood has pores and those pores will get clogged with dirt and oils from use if not protected. Soap builds a membrane when it is regulary used and that protects the wooden floor against dirt, grease and depletion.

Wood also benefits by have a finish that slows the exchange of moisture from the wood to the surrounding atmosphere, thus keeping it more stable.

Shake the container well. First wash: disolve one part soap in two parts of lukewarm water. Wash the floor lengthwise and wipe the floor with a cloth wrung in soapy water. Let the floor dry for at least 20 minutes. Second wash: disolve 300ml soap in 1000ml lukewarm water and wash the floor lengthwise. Let the floor dry for 2-4 hours and polish it.

To maintain the floor mix 100ml soap in 1000ml lukewarm water and wash the floor lengthwise.

Price: 54,95 EUR
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Basic price: 10,99 EUR / Liter
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