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Putty, Linseed Oil Pure Guaranteed

Karl Wolpers is a company known for its classic, high quality putty which is commonly used to glaze wooden window frames and repair damaged areas of wooden components.

This putty, is a ready for use mixture, consisting of linseed oil and chalk. It is beige, (RAL 849 B / 2), in its appearance and particularly easy to process.

This putty is free of solvents, preservatives, synthetic resins and fungicides.

The Glass folds or frames must be clean, dust-free and dry. The primer may not form a film on the treated surface. Any excess material should be carefully removed with a lint-free rag.

Please note: In oil-soaked rags are flammable! Please store them carefully after use.

Putty is most easily painted over a few days after it has hardened and completely dried. Since the putty treated surface is not weatherproof, it should be treated earliest after it has completely sealed. The latest, however, within 4-8 weeks with linseed oil paint. Premature recoating may cause wrinkles to the treated layer.

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