Linseed Oil Paint Falun Red

The linseed oil paint Falun Red is immediately ready to paint. Our Falun Red is mixed by different red iron oxide pigments. The colour is very popular in Sweden. The colour tone is very warm and more brownish than our Scandinavien Red.

Range: approx. 15 m² / liter

You can choose whether you want the colour with or without a drying accelerator. The siccative additive accelerates the drying process by about one day. 

We recommend priming with our cold-pressed linseed oil to saturate the wood. 

If you are still undecided, you can order our colour samples.

(Please note: samples are without Desiccants)

(Incl. 16% tax)
Baseprice: 69.90 / l
Brand reine Leinölfarben