Linseed Oil Paste Graphite Black

The colour paste allows you to mix your own linseed oil paint. To create a linseed oil paint you should mix the colour paste with boiled linseed oil.

Our black graphite is a warm black with a metallic gloss. The rust protection paint has been used since the 19th century. Natural graphite is first ground, extracted and then cleaned. It belongs to the group of carbons, but has a crystalline structure. It is particularly suitable for ironwork, iron bars/iron gates, wrought-iron decorative elements. If you are looking for a lighter, but metallic shade, we recommend our gray graphite. Graphite is semi-opaque and lightfast.

We recommend you to prime your metal surfaces with haematite. Linseed oil paint haematite is an excellent corrosion protection and works as a so called  sacrificial layer.

To get an more diffusion dense surface, you can mix graphite black with Tonkinlack/Le Tonkinois. Please ask us about it.

similar to NCS S 8502-B (linseed oil paint)


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Brand reine Leinölfarben

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