Linseed Oil Cooked; Boiled Linseed Oil

Boiled linseed oil to mix our linseed oil paste to a spreadable paint. Boiled linseed oil is linseed oil that was mixed with a desiccant. It is added to linseed oil pastes to form a spreadable linseed oil paint. For this purpose, it is stirred in equal parts of boiled linseed oil and linseed oil paste including the desiccant. The amount of desiccant varies from color to color.

Good boiled linseed oil has a bright clear color. It's a little thicker than cold-pressed linseed oil but without being viscous or too oily.

Boiled linseed oil usually dries within 16-18 hours, in some cases 24 hours.

Boiled linseed oil should be stored filled to the top of its container and closed shut air tight before storing. If not stored properly, it gradually becomes thicker and more vicious or compound, and subsequently loses its good quick drying properties.

Important: Cloth that has been soaked in this particular oil cloth are self-inflammable

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