Wooden Brush For Tonkin Lacquer And Linseed Oil Paints From Guldberg

Handcrafted brush for wood protecting purposes. Genuine light Chinese bristles and an unlacquered handle. Suitable for all types of paint.

The wooden brush for Tonkin lacquer and linseed oil paints is a flat brush with long bristles and reinforced metal ferrule. It is especially shaped for best colour carrying capacity.

This brush lies comfortably in the hand!

The brush is suitable for big areas, floors and walls and can be purchased in two different sizes.

The brushes we offer are made of light, flexible natural hair. The bristles are carefully sorted, cleaned and boiled twice, which gives the hair softness and maintainable stability. We only use high-quality bristle in production. Thus, the bristles are approximately the same length. This makes it unnecessary to provide any additional support to the bristles. This allows the color to be absolved best. In order to preserve the split peaks of the individual hair, which hold the color best and ensure an even application to the surface.

(Incl. 16% tax)
Brand Guldberg