Salmone 15

Colour similar to NCS S 0510-Y60R

Tinta Chiara and Pittura Viva are smooth paints with a aged lime putty base. Its formulation guarantees breathability, stability and durability over time.

Tinta Chiara is a semi-opaque paint and is suitable for application on absorbent surfaces, on traditional and natural lime-based plasters, on old and more recent coats of paint. 

Pittura Viva is a covered paint and is suitable on new civil plaster and lime paints, on plaster-cement, cement, and old absorbent paints. With its high percentage of lime putty, Pittura Viva paint is also suitable for humid environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Even on surfaces with old absorbent synthetic paints, the use of a Spring Color primer is recommended.

Tinta Chiara and  Pittura Viva can be applied on plaster and plasterboard base supports after dust has been removed and using Scialbo or Dura with two layers

Coverage : 8-10 m² /lt per coat.

For internal walls.

(Incl. 16% tax)
Baseprice: 12.49 / l
Brand Spring Color