We create unique and artisanal linseed oil paints from our small shop in Potsdam. If you were to visit us – please do, we love visitors! –you would not just be entering a shop - you would be standing directly in our workshop. This is where we create your paints individually. We use our knowledge of traditional paint making as well as our experienced eye to create unique colours. Our paints are not just a sensual feast for the eye and a pleasure to work with, but also sustainable, environmentally friendly and free of any chemicals. Linseed oil colours are not only for lovers of historical windows and doors, they can appeal to everyone in their variety and make
working with colours a sense perceivable experience again. We have dedicated ourselves to linseed oil paint and all other products from our range because they create extraordinary results that inspire us every day.

About us
Paint has always been a part of our professional careers.
Katrin trained as a painter with a traditional Danish painter's shop that produces its own paints. In addition, she has degree in conservation and restoration. These experiences as a craftswoman and conservator-restorer form the basis for our work. Sven is a business economist who worked as a buyer for a renowned wholesale business for artists' supplies for many years. He handles the business side of things, keeps the warehouse well-stocked, and ensures the consistent quality of our product range. If time allows, we are on site to accompany restoration projects on historical buildings. This is where we hone the traditional techniques of our craft and work with our own products.

Our services
We care as deeply about our customers as we do about our paints and colours. During our consultations, we can provide the advice you need in order to find the right product for your project. If you visit us at our workshop, we are happy to show you the necessary techniques so that you can paint, putty and stain yourself. If you can’t find the right hue on our colour cards, we can mix your desired paint colour for you. We mix your desired paint colour. For this purpose, a RAL, NCS or other colour number of known colour systems – or even an original sample of your colour – are sufficient. If you need paint for special surfaces, we can produce your paint individually.

Our partners
It is very important to us that our paints are made of high-quality raw materials, so we work with suppliers who share the same principles. Since each pigment has special properties, it is crucial to process them appropriately from the beginning. Our partners are small producers who have years of experience and work with proven recipes. Due to our partners’ profound knowledge and their love for the product, it is possible to produce colours without waxes, resins and solvents.