Linseed Oil Paint and Colour Paste

Whether on old or new wood, on metal or plaster surface, linseed oil paints are incredibly versatile. In our shop you will find ready mixed linseed oil colours. If you would rather mix your colour yourself, you will also find our pastes here.
Our linseed oil paints are mixed fresh and are made of high-quality raw materials. They contain no solvents and are free of unnecessary fillers. We have over 40 different colours in our stock. If you can’t find the right hue on our colour cards, we can mix your desired paint colour for you. For this purpose, a RAL, NCS or other colour number of kno...
Here you will find our wood oils, linseed oil glazes and associated colour samples. Our linseed oil-based wood oils and glazes do not form layers. The colour shade varies depending on the type of wood and its structure. Glazes and wood oils are only suitable for untreated, absorbent wooden surfaces indoors.
Here you will find our range of painstakingly produced linseed oil pastes from Denmark. They are the perfect basis for mixing a long-lasting paint. Our colour pastes are ground and prepared in a labour-intensive process. The most important part is the grinding of the linseed oil pastes on the three-roller mill, which allows the linseed oil paints t...

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