A healthy indoor climate is created by using natural materials. We have a varied assortment of wall paint.
Here you will find our egg tempera from Sweden, limepaint for indoor and outdoor use and our distemper.

Here you will find our Swedish egg oil tempera colour from av jord. These colours have a particularly lively and magical expression. The surface captures the light and reflects it in a very special way. It looks very velvety soft and ensures a very special well-being. This traditional, healthy and particularly beautiful colour is suitable for walls...
Our tempera paint is a glue-based paint compounded with linseed oil. Our tempera paints are free of chemical additives and ensure a healthy indoor climate. You will find a large selection of pastel shades here. Tempera paints are open to diffusion, matt in appearance and smudge-proofed.
For centuries lime putty based paints have been the most common paint for walls. Lime wash paint allows walls to breathe and to maintain a healthy micro climate. Due to their disinfectant effect, they are particularly suitable in damp rooms, but they also decorate every other room with their characteristic lively expression.