Linseed Oil Paint Iron Oxide Black

The linseed oil paint Iron Oxide Black is immediately ready to paint. Iron oxide black is a warm shade of black and tends to be more reddish-black. Iron oxide black is an artificially produced earth tone. The paint has a stronger consistency than our lamp black and is very pleasant to work with. Iron oxide black has excellent opacity and is lightfast.

similar to RAL 9017/ NCS S 8800N

Range: approx. 15 m² / liter

You can choose whether you want the colour with or without a drying accelerator. The siccative additive accelerates the drying process by about one day. 

We recommend priming with our cold-pressed linseed oil to saturate the wood. 

If you are still undecided, you can order our colour samples.

(Please note: samples are without Desiccants)


Risk of spontaneous combustion! Rags/paper soaked in linseed oil can easily catch fire. Store rags and papers soaked in linseed oil in an airtight metal container or immerse them in water. 

(Incl. 19% tax)
Baseprice: 79.90 / l
Brand reine Leinölfarben

delivery time: 2-3 working days plus shipping time (approx. 3-4 working days abroad)