Linseed Oil Paste Pure White

The colour paste allows you to mix your own linseed oil paint. To create a linseed oil paint you should mix the colour paste with boiled linseed oil.

Our Pure White is our clearest and coldest white tone. We call our pure white pure because it has not been tinted with other pigment pastes. It is therefore a very clear, neutral and radiant shade of white.

Our pure white is a mixture of titanium and zinc white in a ratio of 80% to 20%. Titan and zinc complement each other perfectly with their respective properties. Zinc white forms a connection with oil by saponification and thereby acquires a certain hardness; Titanium white chalks faster and therefore weathered more easily on the surface. Titanium white would be quite soft as a hardened layer of paint, pure zinc white would be too hard. Titanium white prevents yellowing to a certain extent. Zinc has an antiseptic effect and prevents the formation of surface mold. Our pure white has very good opacity and is lightfast.The colour paste allows you to mix your own linseed oil paint.

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Baseprice: 115.80 / l
Brand reine Leinölfarben

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