Step 1

Fill in the desired quantity of colour paste into an appropriate container. Tap the container on a flat table gently, until the colour paste forms an even surface.






 Step 2

The finished linseed oil paint consists of an equivalent mixture of boiled linseed oil (also known as linseed oil varnish) and pigmented paste. In order to determine the amount of paste easier, simply place a wooden stir stick vertically into the colour paste. The wooden stick makes it easier to accomplish the amount of paste desired. Double the amount on the stick and then mark it for the next final step.





 Step 3

Now you add the boiled linseed oil the colour paste. Pour small amounts into the container at a time while stirring paste and linseed oil together well. Does the container have as much colour as previously marked on the wooden stir stick.






 Step 4

The linseed oil paint is ready.







Practical tips in dealing with Linseed oil paste

Leftover linseed oil paste can be well kept when it, for example, is transferred to a jam or jelly jar. It is important to fill the glass to the brim with cold pressed linseed oil. Otherwise there will be a skin like appearance on the surface which may affect the overall paint quality after being exposed to air. This way, the colour paste can be stored for many years.