Treatment of the floor with our satin wood oil

The treatment protects the floorboards from grease, dirt and drying out and at the same time forms a certain protective film so that direct wear of the floorboards is minimised. Carry out the sanding and treatment with care to achieve a good result. We therefore recommend that this work is only carried out by a recognised and experienced professional.


Wipe the floor with a wrung-out cloth or mop so that the surface is evenly moistened. This straighten up the wood fibres so that the oil can penetrate the wood better. 

Allow the floor to dry before oil treatment.

It is important to moisten the floor before treatment. Otherwise the floor cannot be sufficiently saturated with oil.

Procedure for surface treatment with our floor oil

Apply the oil with a polishing machine and a white sanding disc or by hand with a white fleece. Apply the oil generously to the floor.

After 20 - 60 min, polish the floor with the polishing machine with floor cloths attached. Then remove the excess oil with a finely woven cotton cloth placed on the polishing head. For smaller areas, it is also possible to polish in the oil by hand and remove it with cotton cloths.

The intensity of the polishing process determines the colour of the floor. If the colour is inhomogeneous or too weak, additional oil can be applied according to the principle described above.

All excess oil must be removed within the first hour after application. 

Allow the oil to harden for 36 - 48 hours. Do not walk on the floor during this period.

Slightly sand the floor with a polishing machine with a green sanding disc. Vacuum the floor.

Apply the oil generously using a polishing machine with a white sanding pad.

After approx. 10 minutes, polish the floor with the polishing machine with the floor cloths in place. Then remove the excess oil with a finely woven cotton cloth placed on the polishing head.

Allow the floor to dry.

The floor can be walked on very carefully after 2 - 3 days, it is fully hardened after approx. 10 - 14 days.

The hardening process of the oil happens in connection with sunlight and oxygen from the air. The process is interrupted or stopped if the floor is covered. Use of the floor should be limited to the absolute minimum and the floor should not be exposed to any moisture or humidity during the hardening process. Artificial UV light can accelerate the curing process.

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Danger of spontaneous combustion! Rags/paper soaked with linseed oil can easily ignite. Store rags and papers soaked in linseed oil in an airtight metal container or immerse in water.