Wood Stain

For all those of you who really appreciate the beautiful structure of wood and would like to keep it looking natural and clean, varnishes may be the best solution. A translucent colour means that the wood surface remains visible through the oil. Wood stain are a nice alternative to the linseed oil paints. The wood’s character, including the different nuances, really show.

Wood Stain can be applied to all types of absorbent surfaces, but they clearly have the most beautiful effect on wood.

In linseed oil based glaze, the binder penetrates the wood structure completely. The pigment proportion also dyes the wood. No film-forming layer can appear on the surface. For this reason, a glaze paint is less durable than a linseed oil paint. The UV protection of linseed oil which gives the surface an opaque coating is significantly lower in glaze. Therefore, glazed surfaces that are exposed to strong sunlight, tend to gray faster. A glaze painting easily be renewed at any time by simply painting over it with linseed oil paints.

If you want to work with untreated wood, it is always advisable to grind or sand the surface beforehand. The glaze should be applied thinly with a bristle brush and well spread. It is important to paint board by board in the direction of the grain. It should be carried out with long brushstrokes and a "light" hand. It is very important to regularly stir the glaze colour intermediately while working. Otherwise, their consistency changes fast and will result in a non-homogeneous colour surface.

1L linseed oil glaze can cover about 8-12 square meters and is dry within 1-2 days.

Our wood stain are based on linseed oil and pigments. They are free of solvents or resins. They are ecologically and physiologically harmless.

Used brushes can be easily cleaned with linseed oil soap.

Risk of spontaneous combustion! Rags/paper soaked in linseed oil can easily catch fire. Store rags and papers soaked in linseed oil in an airtight metal container or immerse them in water. 


A selection of our standard Wood Stain can be found Here.